Buckshot 2013 Shiraz tops Victorian Wine Show (Feature Article)

It’s early Monday morning. The late November sun’s just waking up. Rob and Meegan Peebles are checking the seven day forecast. Rain, hail or shine, there will be toil.

This is how most Mondays start for the Peebles’. And it’s been that way since they started producing Buckshot in 1999. It’s a small patch compared to the big players in the Victorian wine scene. But that’s how they like it.

If they had a bounce in their step that late morning, it’s for good reason. The Buckshot 2013 Shiraz had just taken a clean sweep at the 2015 Victorian Wines Show. Best shiraz, best red and best wine.

The win doesn’t come as a great surprise. When I first met Rob and Meegan in 2002, I was intrigued at how passionate they were about their brand. Rob spoke as if Buckshot was their first child, with whom they were ready to explore the world. They are both true explorers of wine and when they return from each adventure they bring back something new to Buckshot.

Buckshot’s journey and success hasn’t been by chance. Rob knew what he was getting into and he’s now had six vintages in Rutherglen, and also worked in a commercial role at Domaine Chandon for 15 years. The experience now tells.

‘Buckshot’ is a salute to the ironstone pebbles that riddle the vineyard’s soil. These pebbles remind us of just how ancient the ground here is. They are almost a perfect sphere, having been eroded for over 500 million years. Ancient soils are perfect for shiraz. They provide the perfect structure for vines to dig deep and find rich minerals and sustainable moisture, while keeping yields low.

The story of Buckshot Vineyards is much like the story of Heathcote wines. It’s about winemakers who know how to nurture their respective vineyards to ensure their fruit takes full advantage of Heathcote’s unique microclimate and ancient soils.

I love the sense of community in this region. A win for one vineyard is a win for local winemakers as a whole.

Now, back to the Buckshot 2013 Shiraz… As expected, it’s quintessentially Heathcote.

On the eye, it’s dark centred, deep garnet. On the nose you’ll notice plum, spices, soy, licorice and ferrous characters.


In the mouth, it has a medium bodied palate with bramble, chocolate and plum flavours, brought to life by refined acids and creamy oa

k textures. The finish is long and silky, with dark fruit and a sound tannin structure, mixed with that distinctive Heathcote minerality.

Bottles of the 2013 shiraz will shortly be a coveted addition to cellars across the state. As a small winemaker, Buckshot Vineyards produce just a few hundred bottles each vintage. Order yours now.

We’ve offering you the special price of $27.00 a bottle or $324 in the dozen. Save it for a special occasion or see what the fuss is about while you impress your friends over this holiday period.

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