White Box Wine

Whitebox was created as a family vineyard venture to produce wines from two of Australia’s finest wine regions, Heathcote and the Yarra Valley. The name Whitebox is taken from the rare White Box eucalypt, one of the largest remaining stands of which surrounds the winery site at the base of the Mount Camel Range; in fact a winery-funded project has seen the area declared a White Box conservation site. All trees on the property have been numbered and tagged, and a massive regeneration scheme is now underway.

The Whitebox winemaking team bring passion and experience to their wines.  Peter Wilson has over 20 years of winemaking experience in the Yarra Valley and has spent seven years as part of the Whitebox Heathcote group. Ben Osborne has been with the team for 5 years, following vintages in Bordeaux and New Zealand.