La Pleiade

A chance meeting in the mid nineties was the start of a partnership between two influential winemaking families of modern times—The Laughtons and the Chapoutiers. A common belief in biodynamic farming and its expression of “true terroir” led to the forming of a common vision—to create wines that were from opposing sides of the world, old and new world, that were joined in the philosophy of their creation—as true expressions of their terroir.

This dynamic partnership also yielded a Shiraz vineyard in Central Victoria’s Heathcote region, the home of Jasper Hill. Planted in the spring of 1998, this tiny vineyard was established on virgin red Cambrian soils and planted with both Australian Shiraz clones, selected by Ron, and French Syrah clones, imported by Michel. The label depicts ‘La Pleiade’ (The Pleiades, Seven Sisters), a small, wispy star cluster in the constellation of Taurus that can be viewed by the naked eye from both partners home vineyards in Tain l’Hermitage and Heathcote.