Galli Estate Camelback Vineyard

galli-2Lorenzo Galli grew up in Italy.  When Mussolini and the fascists took Italy to war, young Lorenzo became the man of the house and worked hard to save his family from starvation.  He came to Australia in 1952 and created successful businesses in several areas, starting as a road builder.  He created other businesses as a quarry builder and producer, and a land and home developer. Lorenzo had grown wine grapes in Italy’s Tuscany region and what he loved most, wrote his wife Pamela in her tribute book, ‘From the Stable to the Stars,’ was ‘the land, growing grapes and drinking wine.’ He investigated the best area for shiraz and Italian varietals and decided to plant in the Heathcote region, as well as in the Sunbury region. Pamela met Lorenzo in 1968.  “My interest in wine started when I met Lorenzo,” she says.  “When I was first courted by him we went to dinners in the wonderful Italian restaurants  of Melbourne and I learnt about many different grape varieties.  We started planting the Heathcote vineyard in 2000.  One could say that our beautiful Heathcote vineyard was handed to me on a platter.  I am very proud to be its owner.  It was Lorenzo’s dream, he planted it with such love and care while dreaming about his roots in Tuscany.” Pamela grew up as a city girl in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale.  “I married Lorenzo when I was thirty years old.  I worked with him in all his business activities, but farming is not my forte.  Lorenzo advised me to employ experts to continue on with the vineyard and the winemaking, so I now leave these challenges to my vineyard managers Stuart Wareham and John Armstrong, and winemaker Ben Ranken.  The most enjoyable part of being a wine producer is seeing their enthusiasm for the grapes we grow and receiving recognition for the quality of the wine they produce.  I also love the fact that I have been able to assist with their career path. “My biggest challenge was making the decision, in 2004, when Lorenzo passed away, about the future of our wine production.  I desperately wanted to finish the dream that Lorenzo started.  It is a wonderful feeling now to walk through the vineyards and see the living vines that Lorenzo planted.  I feel sure that he is proud of what we have already achieved, his dream will live on for many years.” Pamela established the Lorenzo Galli Wine Scholarship of $ 10,000 each year to honour her husband.  This scholarship program aims to nurture and inspire the next generation of Italian and Italian style wine ambassadors in Australia.  All applicants complete a comprehensive, rigorous blind tasting of over 100 benchmark Italian wine varietals from Australia and Italy, culminating in a written and verbal exam to assess the winner.  Details can be found at galli-1 Galli Estate Winery has one hundred and thirty acres of vines in Sunbury and two hundred and fifty acres at the Camelback Vineyard in Heathcote.  The winery, and cellar door with restaurant, is at the vineyard at Plumpton, in the Sunbury wine region.

Cellar Door hours:

9.00am – 5.00pm weekdays

11.45am – 4.30pm weekends

1507 Melton Highway, Plumpton 3335

03 9747 1433

1507 Melton Highway, Plumpton, 3335 VIC