Bress Gold Chook Heathcote Shiraz 2014

This Bress Heathcote Shiraz was bottled using a Screw Cap closure. Using a Screw Cap closure is our attempt to ensure that our wine is presented free of cork characters (good or bad) and that the full aroma and flavour of this wine is expressed.

This wine should be decanted prior to serving.

Colour: An intense and vibrant pungent crimson, almost ink blue

Nose: The wine offers a complex array of fruit aromas of black fruit, spice, cloves, and plum. The oak aromas are of char and vanillin spice

Palate: Tightly packed full of black fruit, spices, cloves and plum. The oak characters are beautifully integrated into the wine, giving the wine structure and adding power, balance, and a savoury richness

Cellaring: Up to 10 years


$37.80 in any dozen

$42.00 per bottle