Heathcote Wineries

Mick Cann was a bank manager for twenty-eight years.  “I got disillusioned,” he says “when banks changed their focus from service to sales.  I didn’t agree with their philosophy. “A bloke I’d known for a long time, a mad mate of mine, David Anderson, had a property at Heathcote.  A group of friends planted some … Read More

St Michaels

Stefano Stefani comes from the rolling hills of Tuscany where his grandfather owned a vineyard and was an avid collector of fine wines. Stefano came to Australia in 1985 and his dream was to continue in his grandfather’s footsteps in this new land. Business success enabled he and his wife Rina to make this dream … Read More

Stefani Estate

Adam Foster worked as a chef in Vic and London before moving to the front of house and becoming increasingly interested in wine. He then worked as a cellar hand with a whos who in Australia and France, including Torbreck, Chapoutier, Mitchelton, Domaine Ogier, Heathcote Winery, Jasper Hill and Domaine Pierre Gaillard. He became convinced … Read More


Born into a grape growing family in Red Cliffs, near Mildura in Northern Victoria, Don Lewis spent the weekends of his teenage years pruning, picking and doing tractor work, whilst his mates were off having fun. When he finally “escaped”, he swore never to get involved in vineyards again. But, despite all attempts, Don found … Read More

Tar and Roses

The Tatiarra Vineyard consists of 143 acres of Cambrian Earth, North facing on the Western face of Mount Camel entirely planted to one grape variety, Shiraz, which the Heathcote district has become renown for the world over. The original vineyard was established by Bill Hepburn in the early 1990′s consisting of 10 acres of low … Read More

Tatiarra Vineyard

Michelle and Nick Taylor purchased a 32ha property from a very traditional Italian family; it was mostly used for grazing and cropping, but with a 2ha oasis of ancient olive trees, fruit trees of every description and almond trees surrounding 0.8ha of shiraz and interplanted riesling and chardonnay (with a few more interplants of table … Read More

Ian Hopkins rang his son Daniel in 2003 and told him “I’ve bought a paddock in Heathcote.” Daniel was a little surprised.  “It was a bit out of left field.  Dad is a typical engineer, methodical, logical, disciplined, not usually spontaneous.  He saw the block and fell in love with it.” That paddock is now … Read More

Tellurian Wines

Lindsay Ross has worked in the wine industry all his working life.  “I grew up in New Zealand,” he says, “on the outskirts of the Henderson wine region, one of the oldest wine regions in the country.  Vines were first planted there in 1902.  It is close to Auckland and is one of the New … Read More

The Bridge Vineyard

James Carlin’s parents, Helen and Noel, have been living in Heathcote for over twenty years.  James passed the Tooborac pub on his regular visits to them.  Like many before him, James admired the historic hotel building and thought that one day he’d like to buy it. That day arrived in 2005 when James and his … Read More

Tooborac Hotel and Brewery

The Latin word for vineyard is vinea.  Mario Marson of Vinea Marson developed his interest in viticulture and winemaking when he was a university student.  After graduating, he drove around knocking on the doors of wineries in the Yarra Valley in search of work.  He was appointed as a viticulturalist at St.  Huberts.  Within two … Read More

Vinea Marson