Winery Wild Duck Creek Estate

$126.00 in any dozen

$140.00 per bottle

A process similar to that of the Shiraz Reserve, the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is made from visually perfect fruit selected from the healthiest vines.

The Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is quite rare, having only been made a handful of times since 1991. Most years it is blended back with the Alan’s Cabernet, but on occasion it shines as being something extra special.

Concentrated fruit, high natural acidity, and matured in 100% of the best new French oak, ensures a Cabernet Sauvignon experience not to be forgotten.

$43.20 in any dozen

$48.00 per bottle

A wine of refinement and finesse whilst being succulent and powerful is the best way to describe Ducks and Drakes. Made primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon (>90%) from Ian & Lynn Rathjen’s vineyard, which is abundant in natural tannins, it also has a small parcel of carefully selected Shiraz blended to give a succulent mid-palate. This wine, like Springflat Shiraz, is matured in up to 40% new French and American oak hogsheads for 22 months.

$22.50 in any dozen

$25.00 per bottle

Clean, crisp, and full of stone fruit and citrus flavor, this wine should be enjoyed young and fresh.

$54.00 in any dozen

$60.00 per bottle

Prior to deciding which wines will ultimately be made each vintage, Duck and Liam analyze their fruity concoctions so as to make the best Springflat Shiraz possible.

The uniqueness of this wine results from parcels of fruit being sourced from eight other sites across the Heathcote region, stretching from Colbinnabbin to Mia Mia.

These vineyards are living in various soil types ranging from the rich ‘cambrian’ volcanic soils of the north, to the dense, acidic, granite and quartz-laden clays of the south. This allows the Springflat Shiraz to express a rainbow of richness for which the Heathcote region is famous.

The Springflat Shiraz is a Wild Duck Creek Estate flagship, representing exceptional value.

$27.00 in any dozen

$30.00 per bottle

Yellow Hammer Hill was the collective vision of Duck and some long-time friends and fellow ‘agricultural drinkers’. The Yellow Hammer Hill block is situated near our oldest vineyard, the Alan’s Cabernet Vineyard. The first vines were planted in 1996, after ‘Effa’ the Fordson Major tractor, had cleared the land of Chinese heath some months earlier.

Shiraz and Malbec were chosen as the varieties of choice due to their wonderful complimentary characteristics. The fruit-driven fullness of Shiraz and floral notes and wonderful texture of Malbec, lend themselves to a wine that is delightful when consumed in early years, and develops into a brooding complexity of spice and fruit after cellaring.

$44.10 in any dozen

$49.00 per bottle

A very small production wine where some carefully selected grapes (usually Shiraz with a little Cabernet Sauvignon) depending on vintage, are fortified (with 22 year old brandy) on skins and left to macerate for up to 4 days before being gently basket-pressed. The wine is then matured in old oak hogsheads for up to 2 years prior to bottling. A wine that will benefit from careful cellaring.

$112.50 in any dozen

$125.00 per bottle

A process similar to that of the Alan’s Cabernet, the Shiraz Reserve is made from visually perfect fruit selected from the healthiest vines.

Whilst selection is underway, and to maintain a keen eye, Duck insists on drinking a bottle of the previous Shiraz Reserve and tries not to spill it on the way!

Shiraz Reserve is very special – highly seductive and only created in the cream of years.