Vintage Non Vintage (N.V.)

$23.40 in any dozen

$26.00 per bottle

La Gallina, is Spanish for 'The hen'. Apt we think, given this wine is made using Spanish grape varieties in large part and is very Spanish in style.

The fruit for this Syrah, Sangiovese, Merlot blend was selected from a range of vineyards situated in both Heathcote and the Bendigo appellations. The vineyards are either managed or supervised by Bress and are all at least 10 years old. We endeavour to ensure that crops are no greater than 2.5 tonne to the acre and it is this cropping level that gives the wine such concentration.

$23.40 in any dozen

$26.00 per bottle

A light golden straw with fine bead issuing from a clean sparkling flute. A complex array of both fruit and secondary aromas of strawberry, confection and citrus complimented by yeasty and bready characters. Tightly packed full of fruit and secondary flavours. There is a creaminess that is conferred by the carbonation and gives the wine freshness, balance, and a long savoury richness

$40.50 in any dozen

$45.00 per bottle

This is a medium bodied wine style that is best served chilled.

2008 was a hot season that followed a warm, dry Spring. Vine growth was good and even throughout the vineyard. Summer was generally warm to hot and relatively dry throughout the ripening season. This produced small, concentrated berries with rich plum fruit flavours. During the mid March heatwave we ceased picking and resumed when cooler conditions prevailed in late March.

2009 was also a hot season that followed a cool, dry spring. Vine growth was moderate throughout the vineyard. Mid January, temperatures soared to 40 degrees and the extreme conditions did not abate until mid March. This resulted in significant vine stress, a modest degree of defoliation and berry shrivel. Ripening was supressed, resulting in a fine, elegant wine style.

Blending fruit from these two vintages has produced a medium weight, elegant sparkling shiraz, with high natural acidity and spicy fruit characteristics.

Winemaker: Graeme Quigley & Sue Kerrison