Winery Foster e Rocco

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Four vintages in and really finding the groove stylistically, very similar treatment in the winery as in the past few vintages with a mixture of parcels some being farmed off to old oak others being left in tank and a lot of lees work for texture. Natural ferments on the Rosé are commonly seeing super long fermentation periods of around 115 days and the wine has struck a chord of balance between textured mid palate yet supported by linear acidity. All in all producing the ‘house style’ we set out to make of a wine that is subtle in colour, highly fragrant and textural yet still dry and refreshing.

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Produced in the French beaujolais style, with a focus on fragrance, freshness and drinkability. This is a light juicy, easy to drink wine. No noticeable oak, ripe tannins, sound fresh berry, dried herb and a touch of spice. It has nice length and finish, and is ready to drink right now.

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The traditional and original expression of our Sangiovese is treated with a stay in mature French oak and held back for a further 6 months longer than the Nuovo. Exactly the same winemaking process has taken place to that of the unoaked expression and although the wines have similarities they have developed their own personalities.