Winery Barnadown Run

$27.00 in any dozen

$30.00 per bottle

Approachable and complex, this wine should be cellared for ultimate drinking.

$35.10 in any dozen

$39.00 per bottle

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This new premium Shiraz is at the top end of our stable of wines. With additional pressings we have made a wine which is robust enough to withstand the passage of time.

$36.00 in any dozen

$40.00 per bottle

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The flagship wine of the fleet, composed of 60% Shiraz, 25% Cabernet, and 15% Malbec, the Henry Bennett’s was made from late picked fruit with the extra addition of Shiraz and Cabernet pressings.
This robust and elegant wine has been aged and is at peak drinking now.

$23.40 in any dozen

$26.00 per bottle

This is a typical robust Heathcote Shiraz which will improve with further cellaring.

$18.00 in any dozen

$20.00 per bottle

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Salmon-pink colour, the spicy notes to the fruit, and the mouthfeel suggest barrel fermentation, but none has in fact been used; the technique has worked well to present a rose with good flavour, good balance and good attitude.

Winemaker: Andrew Millis