Vintage 2015

$27.00 in any dozen

$30.00 per bottle

Wine made by Simon Osicka and Alison Phillips. Reviewed by Gary Walsh Winefront - "Blueberry, liquorice, gum leaf, a lavender perfume and nutty oak. Medium bodied, black and blue fruit, bit of ‘mineral’ tucked in here, fresh acidity – but balanced – ripe gummy tannin and a satisfying finish. Some creamy oak playing on exit. Looking good. Lively. Seems like the drought has broken at last in Heathcote. "

$25.20 in any dozen

$28.00 per bottle

Vineyard: Burke & Wills Variety: Gewurztraminer Vintage: 2011

$18.00 in any dozen

$20.00 per bottle

$23.40 in any dozen

$26.00 per bottle

Lovely tropical fruits and floral notes are key to this variety.

$21.60 in any dozen

$24.00 per bottle

Vineyard: Montevecchio Variety: Moscato Vintage: 2011

$22.50 in any dozen

$25.00 per bottle

We utilize traditional winemaking practices such as small fermentation tanks, natural fermentation (i.e. no yeast additions) and gravity feeding. Whilst this can be quite labour intensive, we believe it ensures the preservation of natural fruit flavours and the Heathcote terroir character. As with all varieties produced at Sanguine Estate, the grapes were destemmed, lightly crushed and then naturally fermented with wild indigenous yeasts in small open fermenters. The wine is then transferred via gravity (to avoid pump shock) to predominantly French oak barriques (approximately 15% new) and left to mature for approximately 12 months.

Winemaker: Mark Hunter

$26.10 in any dozen

$29.00 per bottle

Half the amount of new oak (15%), half the amount of whole bunch (40%) and roughly half the price – demi. Oh, and single clone of shiraz. This is the idea of Adam Foster, chef-turned-sommelier-turned-winemaker and good guy. Effusive as Foster is about what he does now, he has some great pedigree working in France, particularly with Ogier and the high end wines of Chapoutier under his belt, before starting his full time-full time career as winemaker. The fruit is from the lauded Greenstone Vineyard.

$24.30 in any dozen

$27.00 per bottle

Grown largely in the Rioja and Ribero del Duera regions of Spain, Tempranillo is well suited to the warm, dry summers of Central Victoria.  The Tempranillo comes from both Heathcote and the Alpine Valleys. It is an early ripener and easily reaches full maturity in the Heathcote region. Ripening is slightly later in the Alpine … Read More

$22.50 in any dozen

$25.00 per bottle

Clean, crisp, and full of stone fruit and citrus flavor, this wine should be enjoyed young and fresh.

$44.10 in any dozen

$49.00 per bottle

A very small production wine where some carefully selected grapes (usually Shiraz with a little Cabernet Sauvignon) depending on vintage, are fortified (with 22 year old brandy) on skins and left to macerate for up to 4 days before being gently basket-pressed. The wine is then matured in old oak hogsheads for up to 2 years prior to bottling. A wine that will benefit from careful cellaring.