Wines Tasting at our Cellar Door

Heathcote’s Wine Tasting Centre

The Heathcote Wine Hub is Heathcote’s wine tasting centre.  We have at least 24 Heathcote wines on taste every day.  The wines are selected from the range of over 200 Heathcote wines and we rotate regularly to ensure you get a broad tasting experience every time you drop in.

Our passionate staff know most of the Heathcote wine makers personally and will take you on a guided wine tasting tour of the region, while sharing their insights into the wineries, their cellar doors, the winemakers, vintages and the current trends in what drinkers are loving.

At any time we have at least 8 white or rose wines on taste, 8 Heathcote shiraz wines and 8 alternate red varieties or blends.

Heathcote Wines currently on Taste

Here are some of the wines on tasting in store this month:

$54.00 in any dozen

$60.00 per bottle

Prior to deciding which wines will ultimately be made each vintage, Duck and Liam analyze their fruity concoctions so as to make the best Springflat Shiraz possible.

The uniqueness of this wine results from parcels of fruit being sourced from eight other sites across the Heathcote region, stretching from Colbinnabbin to Mia Mia.

These vineyards are living in various soil types ranging from the rich ‘cambrian’ volcanic soils of the north, to the dense, acidic, granite and quartz-laden clays of the south. This allows the Springflat Shiraz to express a rainbow of richness for which the Heathcote region is famous.

The Springflat Shiraz is a Wild Duck Creek Estate flagship, representing exceptional value.

$31.50 in any dozen

$35.00 per bottle

Lifted aromas of plum and wild strawberry with some more meaty notes and a touch of mint. The palate is soft and supple with lovely sweet fruit leading to a long balanced finish.

$18.90 in any dozen

$21.00 per bottle

Out of stock

The grapes for this wine are grown in the southern end of Heathcote in granitic soils. The cold nights and sunny days of the 2014 vintage combined to produce a Riesling of intense minerality and refreshing acidity.

$22.50 in any dozen

$25.00 per bottle

Out of stock

In Bordeaux’s notorious damp and fickle vintage weather, skills at blending several varieties to create a fully developed wine is essential. Our Heathcote weather is a great advantage especially with ‘09’s near perfect vintage conditions, so we had glorious ripe flavours in each variety before playing the Bordeaux game.
Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) dominates the blend with luscious black fruits and cassis, with Cabernet Franc (15%) adding complex fragrance and Petit Verdot (15%) more structure. Try air cured beef carpaccio, fresh truffles and mayonnaise to conjure up the ‘château’ life.

$37.80 in any dozen

$42.00 per bottle

This Bress Heathcote Shiraz was bottled using a Screw Cap closure. Using a Screw Cap closure is our attempt to ensure that our wine is presented free of cork characters (good or bad) and that the full aroma and flavour of this wine is expressed.

This wine should be decanted prior to serving.

$28.80 in any dozen

$32.00 per bottle

The Shiraz fruit is picked in late March or early April depending on the vintage conditions and is handled in small batches in the winery at Sanguine Estate. Following light crushing and destemming the wine is naturally fermented with natural yeasts from the vineyard in small open fermenters. After approximately a week, batches of the wine are free run into new French barriques for barrel fermentation. The remainder is kept on skins for around 10 days to begin fermentation. When fermentation begins the wine is moved by gravity, to avoid pump shock, into aged French oak barriques. The Shiraz spends 20 – 22 months maturing in barrels.

Winemaker: Mark Hunter

$34.20 in any dozen

$38.00 per bottle

Awarded a Silver Medal at the Le Concours des Vins du Victoria 2010